About Marie



 I have been an avid reader all my life, and as a child I loved to write short stories and make little books and magazines out of exercise books. As a dreamer, I find it hard to deal with real life and enjoy losing myself in music and writing, and creating my own fantasy worlds. It is what I've always done in order to escape. 


A natural intuitive from a young age, I've always had great empathy for animals. I could sense their feelings and their inner thoughts. Being highly sensitive, I felt quite different from others and never felt that I quite belonged in this world. But animals, especially cats,  have always been my friends and being around these wonderful souls makes me happy and content.

As an animal rights advocate, I devote much of my time to raising awareness and being a voice for these beautiful creatures, who are sentient beings just like us, and who have as much right as humans to live happily and healthily on this planet. Through my blogs and social media I am there fighting for them: writing articles, tweeting and retweeting animals that need rehoming, as well as animal shelters that need help with fundraising. I wish I could have my own cat sanctuary or rescue shelter. That is my dream.

I used to be a singer/songwriter. In fact, that was my first ambition before writing. I began co-writing songs with my brother John in my teens and we have been working together on and off throughout the years. Our current music recording project is Violet Eternity. We have an EP out called Elysium so please check it out. 

Other things about me : I  love music (eclectic taste - from metal to classical), cats (did I already say that?),  history, nature (I feel totally connected to spirit standing near trees and am fascinated by the moon), Renaissance and Pre-Raphaelite art and the work of the Romantic poets.  And recently, I have developed an obsession with photography (though I've always enjoyed taking photos ever since I can remember). I just love taking photos of my rescue cat Athena, who is extremely photogenic. You can see more photos of her on our blog Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty, as well as my pet blog Purrs Full of Love. 

My deep love of animals has really taken over my life, and I have now moved on from writing about vampires to writing about animals, mainly cats. In fact, there are even cats in my vampire books! Talking ones and telepathic ones. Read my books to find out if you haven't already!